"The message is insightful – if you aren’t opening doors for your people, you are closing them..."

~ Marshall Goldsmith, Bestselling Author of Mojo

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"I got to open doors for people!" These seven simple words, spoken by author Bill Treasurer's five-year-old son, cut straight to what matters most about leadership: True leaders open doors for people. This radically simple concept is the heart of Leaders Open Doors. This book presents a fresh and unique take on leadership that will benefit experienced leaders and those just starting their leadership journeys. Drawing on two decades of experience, Bill Treasurer, combines personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate how (and how not) to inspire the people you lead while revealing the four most important skills that any aspiring open-door leader must hone. 100% of the royalties from the sales of this book are being donated to organizations that open doors for people with special needs.

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By Bill Treasurer

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About Bill Treasurer

Bill Treasurer is chief encouragement officer (CEO) of Giant Leap Consulting and the author of Courage Goes to Work, an international best-seller that introduced the new management practice of courage-building For over two decades Treasurer has designed leadership and succession programs for clients such as NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, UBS Bank, CNN, Hugo Boss, the CDC, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the U.S. Veterans Administration. Prior to Giant Leap, Treasurer was an executive Accenture, a $29 billion management consulting firm. He became Accenture's first full-time executive coach. Treasurer is a former captain of the US High Diving Team, a cancer survivor, and the father of three children. He is a champion for the rights of people with disabilities, which includes his daughter.

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